Structured Finance

FCA provides a variety of asset securitizations to middle market companies.


Securitizations have traditionally allowed banks and larger corporations with high credit ratings to obtain funding for themselves at lower interest rates than those offered through traditional debt. FCA enables smaller firms, which typically do not have credit ratings, to secure this type of financing.


Securitization typically:



The size of a securitization program is based on the amount and predictability of future cash-flows on a given pool of assets. These future flows can often support higher borrowing than can be achieved with a traditional loan or bond secured by those assets. In some cases, a contract guaranteeing future payments (such as a franchise, license or royalty agreement) may support a securitization that is larger than the book value of the underlying agreement. Securitizations can typically enable a combination of higher borrowing levels and lower costs than those possible with traditional debt.


First Capital Advisers’ past successes have included securitizations based on esoteric asset and introduction of new assets to the structured finance industry. We have extensive experience and contacts with various underwriters, rating agencies, surety providers, liquidity providers, and legal professionals involved with securitizations.


We are always interested in exploring the applicability of securitization to particular asset groups, and the feasibility of potential transactions.


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